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Livelines Tackle & Guns Ltd

26 South Street


West Lothian

EH48 3ES

Tel 01501 733 150

[email protected]

Established 2001

We try to keep as many of these scope models in stock as possible but stock changes daily so please call for availability.


Nikko Stirling Diamond Long Range Tactical illuminated Rifle Scope Based on the proven Diamond illuminated series, the new Long Range series has been designed for applications that require precise adjustments as well as excellent reliability and clarity. Full adjustable Saddle Parallax Focus from 10 Yards to infinity with tactical turrets for precise adjustments 30mm Tube illuminated


• 30mm aircraft-grade aluminium, one-piece main tube

• Glass-etched reticle

• Fully multi-coated lens

• Microlux ETE GEN III glass coatings

• Zero-stop turrets

• ¼ MOA turret adjustments

• 4” of eye relief

• Side Parallax Adjustable from 10 Yards to ∞

• Dual-color red/green illumination settings

• Supplied with 2 ballistic drop turrets

• Nikko Stirlings’ RTZ® (Return to Zero)

elevation turret for quick shooting

• Optional side-wheel available

• Sunshade included

Available in:

4-16x50 - £259.99

6-24x50 - £275.99 


An advantage of a first focal plane scope is the fact that the image and reticle increase/decrease always in same proportion. This allows fast and easy drop compensations and range finding. The Diamond FFP features an illuminated glass etched HMD reticle (Half Mil Dot) and a combined parallax and illumination turret on the saddle. Well sized target turrets offer a precise1/10 MIL click ([email protected]) which is a worldwide standard. Rugged built, up to date design and knurlings which fit for handling with gloves offers secure and easy use in the field. The Diamond FPP is made of a solid one piece 30mm high grade aluminium maintube with fully multi-coated lenses and a red index mark on the magnification ring for fast acquisition.

Available in:

4-16x44 - £345.99


These well made competitively priced scopes will stand up to real use. Adjustments are to 1/4 of an inch and feature a half mil dot retucule as standard. All mountmaster scopes are shock tested and nitrogen filled at the factory for fog and waterproofing. Supplied with 3/8 inch, double screw mounts.

Available in:

4x32 - £32.99


The Mountmaster AO series has been developed to provide a fast correction to focus and parallax through the adjustment (ao) lenses. Now you can adjust right down to targets that are only 10 yards if required! The AO series feature a match quality 3/8 inch dovetail mount ring. Additionally a recoil stop screw that allows the mount to be secured to powerful airguns without fear of shifting under the sharp recoil of the spring release. Supplied with mildot reticles as standard. Available in illuminated reticle or black.

Available in:

6X40AO - £52.99

3-9X40AO - £56.99

3-9x50AO - £63.99

4-12X50AO - £67.99


Available in:

3-9x40AO IR - £72.99

3-9X50AO IR - £78.99

4-12X50AO IR - £82.99


This series is packed with features. The Panamax series have been designed around an extremely wide angle field of view which is approx 20% more than the average comparable 1”scopes on the market today. Continuing with our proven hard anodized high grade aluminium main tubes the new design is not only visually appealing but also durable to handle heavy recoil rifles. Available as well with parallax adjustment on bell (AO) and illuminated reticle (IR). The illuminated models feature a red and green illuminated Half Mil Dot reticle and make it a top performer from Dawn-till-Dusk. This scope is sure to be a hit with hunters and recreational shooters everywhere.

Available in:

3-9x40A0 - £116.99

3-9x50AO - £124.99

4-12x50AO - £135.99

4.5-14x50AO - £146.99

3-9x40AO IR - £162.99

3-9X50AO IR - £169.99

4-12X50AO IR - £179.99

4.5-14X50AO IR - £189.99

6-18X50AO IR - £199.99

8-24X50AO IR - £209.99


The quest for the trophy or the elusive game animal takes today's hunters to more extreme locations where the climate and terrain pushes the hunters and their equipment to the limit. The diamond series are designed to specifically perform in these conditions.Diamond series riflescopes are 100% designed in Japan. Certified lenses ensure maximum clarity and brightness. Improved seals and internal fittings with precision CNC machined parts ensure the performance in the field is uncompromised. Every riflescope is individually checked for recoil, being waterproof and are also nitrogen filled. Optical coatings are added to the lenses to reduce the reflection of light by the glass surfaces, this ensures a brighter scope in low light conditions when target acquisition is critical.The external design incorporates low profile adjustments that won't get caught in clothing or on foliage during a hunt. The Diamond series looks attractive on any rifle. The deep Forest Green highlights combined with a flawless external matte finish will make the scope and admirable companion on your next hunt. Diamond 30mm series European hunters have traditionally chosen the 30mm body tube riflescopes for low light conditions in which they hunt.Put simply the larger 30mm body tubes allow designers to make a riflescope that captures more light to be delivered to your eye. This is critical inlow light hunting.Additionally 30mm riflescopes are considered stronger and more robust. The Diamond 30mm series offers all the features of the one inch series. The 30mm series is offered in three size all are offered with the German number four reticle.

Key Features

  • Certified Japanese lenses
  • CNC machined parts
  • Optical lens coatings for brightness
  • Low profile adjustments
  • Fast finger adjustable dials
  • Rubber enhanced zoom ring
  • Speed focused eyepiece
  • Dark Forest Green enhancements
  • One-piece body for strength

Available in:

3-12x56 - £219.99 No 4 reticule